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45th Congress in Krk (Croatia) (FICPM - English version)

CPM in Croatia invites you to the 45th Congress from 28 april 2010 to 1rst may 2011, in Malinska, Krk Island on the theme : For a reasonnable way of acting in front of material belongings inside marriage and family Cf. following links : inscription sheet programm In English : (...) > suite

42th Congress of FICPM - Madagascar (FICPM - English version)

As you now the next congress of FICPM will take place in Madagascar from 23 to 28 july 2008 in Antananarive on the theme "Reviving the marriage sacrament to entertain couple’s life". (see. programm : ) Due to constraints linked to the reservation of flights, we ask you (...) > suite

42nd Congress of FICPM (FICPM - English version)

The 42nd congress of FICPM will take place from July the 24th to the 28th, in 2008 in Antananarivo in Madagascar. You will find soon informations about this meeting/ Madagascar is a permanent member of FICPM. > suite

New address (FICPM - English version)

Please note the following new addresses : Swiss CPM site : French CPM site : > suite

RSS feeds (FICPM - English version)

Subscribe to this new feed to follow FICPM news... If you want to write on these pages, or participate to this feed, please contact the Webmaster at his usual adress, or use this form. > suite

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